Friday, October 8, 2010

You Are Taken Care Of

Dear Baby Howell,

Early this morning as I was laying in bed struggling to get comfy, my mind started thinking about all the things your Daddy and I are doing right now to try to take care of you.

I force down prenatal vitamins the size of horse pills. I sleep on my left side because it's somehow better for my body with you in it. I abandoned my favorite drinks of Diet Mountain Dew and Starbuck's Cappucinos. I allowed myself to get stuck 6 different times in one of my many baby appointments. And, while your Daddy doesn't have to guard his body to help you grow, he's doing a stellar job to help me create a safe haven for you. He takes care of the dogs so they won't jump on me. He forces me to eat (even when I don't feel like it) so you can grow like you should. He brings me orange juice so I can get my vitamin C. He asks smokers to move so you won't be subjected to the harmful substances in the second hand smoke.

There are so many things we are doing now for you; but, I know when you enter the world, that list will multiply beyond measure. Not only will we take care of your physical needs, but as your parents we will take care of your spiritual needs, teaching you the love of God and His Word. That is our number one goal with you. Nothing else matters if we fail to do that. While somemay tell you that going to college is a measure of success, or marrying a rich spouse is a measure of success, or being happy on this earth is a measure of success, we will teach you from day one that true success is living your life and going to heaven.

You're going to be a very blessed little baby; because, not only do you have a Mommy and Daddy who care for your soul, you will have a slew of relatives -- grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc -- who will help us and ultimately help you reach true success.

Your Mommy