Friday, February 3, 2012

6 Months, 7 Months, 8 Months, Where did it go...

Dear Jenaleigh,

The time is going by so quickly I sometimes have to make myself stop and catch my breathe. The first few weeks you were in our arms went by slowly (hello, sleepless nights!), but ever since then I feel like I'm running behind an out of control truck trying to catch it by the rear bumper so it won't fly by so fast.

I love every minute of being your Mommy -- the laughter, the smiles, the "looks", even the tears. I am so beyond blessed to call you my daughter!

Let me tell you a little bit about the past 30 days or so...
12/25 -- Your first Christmas! You loved loved loved opening presents (more so than the actual gifts in some cases) and then our little family went to worship God as we do on every Lord's Day. After that, Gigi, Papa, and Cousin Richard came over for more present fun, and oh the fun you had....

12/26 -- Sad day in the Howell household, Jenaleigh, you had your first double ear infection! The next few days were no fun. When we thought you were better, we traveled to Knoxville so you could see your Mamaw, but you ended up getting sicker!
1/8 -- Your Gigi and then your Mimi came and stayed with you while Mommy & Daddy went on a little vacation to Nashville. You had tons of fun with them (Mimi even let you play with Kitty!)
1/16 - You started crawling! Since then, you have completely mastered it, and are into *everything*!

So, Jenaleigh, those are the big moments in your life lately. You've been a pretty busy baby!

At 8 Months, You LOVE:
- Your "molecules" (little block like toys that fit perfectly in your hand and your mouth)
- Your sippy cup... Bottles? Eh... Those are for babies... You want your sippy and will only tolerate a bottle!
- Yogurt. Yum. Yum. Yum. (Mixed with a little fruit, of course.)
- Trying to eat all of the cords in the house. You keep me on my toes!
- Kicking Daddy in the face... Yes, it's a fun game *for now*... !
- Mario Kart. Mommy and Daddy have begun to play it every once in awhile, and you stare at it mesmerized (therefore, we have to greatly limit the time it's on around you -- we don't want you turning into a couch potato! no no no!)
- Men. Seriously, you give your biggest grins to all the men at church, leaving the women feeling a little left out. 
- Your "Da Da". You (of course) love your Mommy; but, when you see Dada get up to preach or walk down the aisle at church, you go gaga! You kick and squeal and are so so happy!

At 8 Months, You Don't Like...
- To be left waiting for your food. When you want it, you want it! No patience whatsoever!
- Having to sit still for too long. Mommy tries to keep you occupied during church with your special church only toys, but you really want to crawl around!
- Being tired. (of course) You need your sleep, in your room, with your sound machine, in your crib. You are a "creature" of habit!

Other than that, there's not too much else you don't like. You may be demanding at times, but you're easy going and lovable. And your faces and looks? They are to die for!

I love you little baby!

Your Mommy