Thursday, September 23, 2010

This "Morning" Sickness Thing is NO JOKE!

For those who have never experienced the joy of pregnancy, you have the misnomer that "morning" sickness occurs in the morning. (Seems logical, right?) WRONG! At least for me, the nausea is there when I wake up in the morning and lingers until I lay down my head at night.

Saltines and Daniel's special homemade ginger tea = My recipe for some relief. However, I notice that it becomes a cycle. The nausea makes me not want to eat, so I don't eat and get weaker, causing me to be more nauseous! Woah!

However, the "symptoms" are a comfort to me, providing a constant reminder that my baby is doing well inside of me. I will cling to the comfort of those symptoms until the 2nd trimester, when I can breathe more of a sigh of relief, that the extreme danger time has passed.


  1. I'm somewhere in this "part" with our 3rd baby. Every time, I'm surprised at how much I've forgotten what it's like (with the first two, I had hyperemesis gravidarum). I have the normal nausea and some crazy dizziness and weakness. It's hard to figure out what's "normal" - when normal doesn't really exist and it's constantly changing. Happy for you that you are almost at the end! Hooray for holding precious babies :) (Found you via Steph R.)

  2. No fun at all! I hope it passes quickly for you and that you have an "uneventful" rest of your pregnancy!