Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crafty? Who, Me?

I have never ever ever ever ever ever have considered myself a "crafty" person. But, since Pinterest has become my new obsession pastime, I have been inspired to try to live up to my name of  "Martha" (minus the whole insider trading/prison stint).

So, what to craft first? Well, since I am obsessed with hair accessories for Jenaleigh, and they add up to quite a bit of $$, what better project to start with first --- fabric flowers! had so much fun doing them that I may even open up my own hair bow/flower store on Etsy... Who knows?!

A close up of the fabric flower that I crafted with my own two hands. Seriously, I'm in awe of myself... ;-)

My beautiful model chilling with her new hair flower (Note: I only made the flower, not the white headband, one baby step at a time, my friends!):

Grump, grump?
 Happy again...

 I love chewing me some fingers!


  1. Wow, that came out great! I don't consider myself very crafty either, but pinterest is definitely calling to me!

  2. Those pictures are so cute and great job on the flower. I love it. It would be great to add to purses and scarfs too.

  3. Martha! Well done with the flower! Which tutorial did you use?
    Btw, in case you haven't been told this before, your model is absolutely adorable!!!;-)