Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Diapers and such.

What crazy deluded person would switch to cloth diapers after making it 11 blissful months with the convenience (ie. waste) of disposables?

That would be me.

We're still in "transition" (which is a word that has taken on a whole new meaning since my painful "transition" during labor), trying out new ones and figuring what works best for us.

Why? Eh, why not? Okay, seriously... I wanted to CD (cloth diaper) when she was little, but I was too intimidated. There are SO many options and SO many mixed reviews. Pockets, fitted, prefolds, hybrids, all in ones, etc etc etc... Well, I've found a group of moms that are crunchy (as mentioned before) and have been completely inspired by them. Not only will I be helping the environment (yay for that! believe me I'm not a tree hugger, but the God Almighty did give us this blessing of an earth, right?) but I will, hopefully save some major $$, which is always a plus in my book.

However, the experience hasn't been great as of yet. So far, we've leaked a lot with pocket diapers. I've tried doubling and tightening, but the only way to keep the leak from ... well, leaking ... is to change her super frequently. This is shock to me, because she could go for hooooouuuuurrrrsss in desposies without being changed. (Even though the diaper would get puffy and she obviously was wet. Now, note: It was not a habit of mine to let her run around with a snow ball in her pants, but sometimes it would happen due to traveling or just unexpected wetness!)

Also, another big shock (okay, not a *shock*, but something I'll need to get used to) is the laundry. Confession: I'm super lazy with laundry (maybe once a week if I'm feeling motivated), but I know with a pile full of urine soaked covers and inserts I can't let it go for days. However, I am waiting on some gDiapers to arrive (I'll let you know ALL about them when they get here), and they are designed so I wouldn't have to change the cover every diaper change, merely the plastic liner (if needed) and the insert. This means that I can rotate 2 covers throughout the day (unless there are any major poop blowouts, which don't happen too often now that she's on solids). Hopefully meaning I won't have to wash diapers every day.

In the meantime, I'm doubling up using prefolds (that I was using as burp clothes when she was little bitty) as inserts in the loaner pockets and changing her often... and using a few 'sposies.

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