Monday, April 30, 2012

Little Teeth

Jenaleigh's 2 top teeth have finally broken through the surface, and there are THREE more waiting to pop on out and say hello (we can see the whites under the gums). Five teethers at one time. That's cruel, isn't it? But, believe it or not, she's been pretty chill throughout the whole ordeal.

Oh, yes, she's still had fussy moments (and fussy days), but no major disrupted sleep. Hoorah!

However, today has been a meltdown day for a variety of reasons. First off, our piano tuner came to tune the piano, meaning Jenaleigh and I were cast off into her room for over an hour. She was SO not happy to be parted from her beloved living room and kitchen. Secondly, I think she's a little irritated that our house guests are gone. Little Miss LOVES being the center of attention, and after a few days of doting and playing, I think she's wondering why she has to be stuck with Mommy again. 

But, we've still had our giggles to fuel our day. Baby giggles are definitely worth it all.

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