Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coming to Terms | Day 6 of Hospital 'Bedrest'

Both Daniel and I woke up this morning a little groggy (it’s amazing how tired I can be even though all I’m doing is resting all day!) My sleepiness is probably due to pregnancy, but I'm sure Daniel's is due to sleeping on a fold out chair/couch! Yuck!

After we got geared up, we walked over to the McDonald’s (in Kosairs, connected to this hospital through a walkway) where I indulged in a sausage egg and biscuit. It was the first time Daniel and I had eaten together outside of the hospital room since last Wednesday! What a treat – like a real life date!

Daniel then had to leave to go back to Hardin. He’ll only be gone until Thursday, and when he comes back he'll be loaded down with items from my lengthy list (including clothes, pillows, pictures, cards, etc!) I'm definitely looking forward to his return as it can get awfully lonely... BUT, the nurses are great and have been a lot more chatty with me today since they've noticed he's gone.

On the medical front, I learned that I will have to give myself a daily shot of blood thinner until baby gets here. I haven’t quite come to grip with how I’m going to do that. The pain itself isn’t intolerable, just the action of sticking something in me and the pushing down to inject a liquid through my body. Gives me the shivers!

I also did a lot of research on Protein S Deficiency and learned from Dr. P that I’ll have to be induced (either through stripping of membranes or medication) so that I can be taken off of the blood thinner prior to delivery to prevent hemorrhaging and so I can have an epidural if the need arises. Scary stuff!

It’s still difficult for me to believe that I had all of these “plans” for a natural childbirth that are crumbling as each day goes by. But, I’m pretty at peace with the lessened control and the disappointment has almost completely faded. I know she’ll get here the safest way possible and that’s enough joy to fill me for awhile!

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