Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fun Nurses Make for Fun Days | Day 7 of 'Hospital Bedrest'

This morning, when Theresa came in at shift change, I laid there with one eye open trying to remember where I was because I was so deeply asleep. What a great sign! I’m becoming comfy and even having dreams at night. It was great to have her here this morning as I woke up; we chatted for about 10 minutes about my situation (this was the first time she had been my nurse since my stay here started), about natural childbirth (she had those plans for her labor, too; but, they unfortunately didn’t work out), and her 16 month old baby!

I was instantly in a good mood due to the socializing and relaxed a little before the big event of the day: AN ULTRASOUND! Dr. P’s patients have one every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; and, it’s so much fun to see baby on that screen. Everything was great with Jenaleigh. The tech commented on how much hair she has (!), her beautiful spine, and how she was practice breathing ‘like a horse’!

Yesterday, a friend from Sweetwater called to chat and asked the question that I asked myself just 3 days ago, “How are you NOT going crazy in there?” Thanks to advice from another expectant bedridden Mama, I’m using a schedule to help keep me on track and to make things feel more “normal”. Here's a glimpse into it for those of you wondering how I'm making it without going bonkers!

7:30 Wake UP! This is when breakfast comes in and the new nurse usually makes her rounds.

8:30 After eating I watch some of the Today Show and catch up on my e-mails & the nurse puts me on the fetal monitor for about half an hour.

9:30 Shower (one of my favorite parts of the day) OR if it’s ultrasound day I wait for later to take a shower! I learned that lesson the hard way – on Monday I had just taken a nice long shower when they asked for me in U/S. I came back from U/S gooped up with the gel all over me!

10:30 Ultrasounds on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays

11:30 LUNCH TIME! (I wish it wasn’t so early, but oh well!)

12:30 Go for a walk. While I am here in the hospital, I’m not on complete bedrest. Dr. P doesn’t think that would be good for me – I’d go crazy! So, when Daniel’s here we’ll take a walk or when I’m here by myself, I get up to at least move around the room.

1:00 Daily Devotional. The great thing about being here in the hospital is that I have so much time for Bible study and prayer. I’ve also been listening to some wonderful lessons by great gospel preachers over at

2:00 Read/Blog/Internet Time. I’ve found the most fun game ever on Yahoo! Games – “Draw My Thing”. It’s like Pictionary and you actually get to play with people live over the Internet!

4:30 SUPPER TIME! (Again, it’s so early that I’m usually famished by bed time. I’m trying to save a little bit from each meal, like a roll, muffin, etc, for later)

5:00 Studying/Blogging/Reading

7:00 Daniel and Martha time! When Daniel gets back I plan on taking an hour or two each night for the board and card games he’s bringing back with him to help us have a little fun!

9:00 Baby Monitoring & T.V. (if anything’s on…)

Sleep Time!

3:00 Briefly wake up to take my Mag Ox pill, then drift back off into la-la land!

See it’s not that so bad, is it? This hospital stay’s going to be a breeze!

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  1. I'm going to and am enjoying your blogging,Martha... your experiences are causing me to relive soooo many wonderful memories of being pregnant myself. Pregnancy was like no other time in my life and nothing since has come close to comparing with it! I thoroughly immersed myself into the whole thing - the good, the bad, and the ugly - and would repeat it all over in a heartbeat given half a chance... Today would have been my mother's 86th birthday - she died at 42. I was her everything, but I never knew how deeply she had loved me until I had Sarah... you will know exactly what I mean when you experience this with Jenaleigh... I'm so happy and excited for you and Daniel and this life's adventure you two are sharing!