Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Undeserving but Thankful

Today I had a cheer card, greeting card, and flowers all delivered to my room and I have to tell you I feel so undeserving!

I am beyond appreciative for everyone’s thoughts, prayers, calls, and goodies; and I can’t help but feel humbled by the acts of kindness. Who am I that I should receive such love from you all? You all who are busy in the outside world with work, chores, family, and more…

I’m not sure how to repay you all for everything you’ve done. I probably will never be able to. However, know that every comment on FB, call on the phone, or card through the mail I receive help to lift my spirits and keep me cheery all the day long. Hopefully that cheeriness can be an influence to all those I come in contact with here in the hospital and I can do a little evangelizing along the way (more on how to evangelize from a hospital bed to come in a later post).

Thank you all. For everything.


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