Thursday, March 31, 2011

Burritos, Sleep, and Vocabulary | Day 8 of Hospital 'Bedrest'

Yay! Theresa’s my nurse again and we’ve already passed several minutes together chatting. I even got to see pictures of her adorable “little man” (16 month old baby). He’s too cute!

I’m counting down the hours until Daniel gets back from Hardin. When he gets here I’m going to decorate the room (maybe I’ll even post some pics of it!), put on some fresh clothes, and spend some time catching up with him --- oh and I’m going to see if he’ll bring me a burrito from Taco Bell. I’ve SO been craving one for the past few days!

Little girl has been active today! Maybe that means she’ll settle down some when it’s bed time. She has this horrible habit of going bonkers right when I’m ready to slumber. I hope that pattern doesn’t continue after she’s born! Speaking of…

One of the things I’m most nervous about is how I’m going to handle the lack of sleep and middle of the night feedings/changings. I know I CAN do it, but can I do it without being a grouch to everyone around me? Just another thing to add to my prayer list – to keep a cheerful disposition with strength to handle my lack of sleep and changing schedule.

Two more pieces of business before today’s list…
1) Please pray for the Mitchell family of Martin, TN. Ashley Mitchell was one of my best friends in high school and was even a bridesmaid in our wedding. Her Grandmother came to live with her family in 2004 after the passing of Ashley’s Grandfather. I just learned yesterday that her Grandmother passed away. Please pray for this family in their time of sorrow. They are such a loving and caring gang who are members of the Martin congregation.
2) Did you check out ‘The Christian Practice’ yesterday? If not, be sure to head over there to read my account of the helicopter ride and its effects on me:

Are you a 'Know-It-All Mama' or a 'Clueless Chica'?

(I’m going to try to have some sort of list featured on the blog daily. Because, if you know me, you know I LOOOOVE lists!)

One of the fun parts of pregnancy has been learning a ton of new words, some medical some about baby gear. If you’re a mommy, I’m sure you know what these terms mean, but take a look anyway!

Give yourself 1 pt. for each word you know. (Not just a word that you’ve heard, but that you actually know the meaning of!)

1. Meconium
2. Apgar Score
3. Colostrum
4. Effacement
5. Dilation
6. Crowning
7. Engaged/Engagment --- no this is not what happens when he puts a ring on it!
8. Episiotomy
9. Oxytocin
10. VBAC
11. BabyBjorn
12. Bumbo
13. Boppy
14. Diaper Genie
15. Layette

How many did you get? If you aren’t sure if you really know what a word means or not – go Google it now before you count up your score!

1-4 pts. Clueless Chica. You probably haven’t ‘Been There, Done That’ yet if you scored that low!
5-8 pts. Gettin’ There Gal. Pregnancy may have been many moons ago for you or maybe you’re not quite to the parenthood stage in your life yet, but you’ve studies up on some key terms.
9-12 pts. Well-Informed Lady. You’ve got a great working knowledge of pregnancy and baby gear!
13-15 pts. Know-It-All Mama! You’re probably pregnant right now, recently been pregnant, or are just really well informed about all things mommy!


  1. I'm apparently a Know-it-all Mama! Wonder why that might be?

  2. Lol! Probably because you are one! (a mommy, that is)