Friday, April 1, 2011

Picture Day & Foods I Miss | Day 9 of Hospital 'Bedrest'

Ultrasound day today! Everything looked great with baby and she was wiggling the whole time. However, she did keep her legs crossed. The tech even remembers us as the couple with the modest baby! That's GREAT news to any mom's ears.

No news with Dr. P., though. He comes in every day, but since nothing exciting is going on with me, we usually end up talking about something besides baby after the perfunctory questions are answered. For example, last night Daniel and Dr. P. bonded over the love of coffee -- strong and black. 
Yesterday I hinted that I might post some pics today. So here they are! ... Take a look at my little corner of home away from home, complete with cards from the kiddos at Hardin, flowers, notes from a few special people, U/ S pics and mementos from home.
I’ve already almost filled the monitor cabinet up, so I’ve started another littler corner of love! And, as I write this, the mail just came with several more cards I'll get to add!
I told Daniel that we really should document us, together, in the hospital. After all, it’s one of our many ‘adventures’. So, here’s a pic of us, even though you can hardly tell we’re in the hospital.

 And this is me (I guess this can be my 33 Week pic), last night! Daniel brought a package full of clothes I had ordered from Old Navy (before the whole hospital thing happened) and so I was trying them on! Cute tunic, isn’t it?!
… on to today’s list …
Top 7 Foods & Drinks I Miss!
*Note, while I may miss these, I would gladly give them up all over again plus a hundred more of my favorite foods for the safety and well being of my baby!
1. Blue Cheese. Blue cheese dressing and crumbled blue cheese over steak. Yum. Blue cheese is a soft cheese and soft cheese made with unpasteurized milk can contain the bacterial listeria, and should be avoided when you’re pregnant.
2. Lots of fish and seafood. Yes, I can have some seafood no more than two times a week. But some weeks I crave seafood every single day. Crab cakes, crab legs, shrimp pasta, salmon patties, seafood gumbo, etc... But, too much mercury has been shown to be damaging to baby, and we DON’T want that!
3. Feta Cheese. Oh how I love feta on pizza. Feta’s a soft cheese, like blue cheese, so it’s a no go.
4. Cold Deli Meats. Yes, I can have deli meats as long as the living daylights are zapped out of them. But, I’d love to just go into Subway and get a 6” turkey sandwich that’s not heated and toasted. Cold, with mayo only, please! Deli meats have been known to be contaminated with listeria, (like unpasteurized soft cheeses) which can cause miscarriage.
5. Chai Tea Lattes. I discovered this drink at Starbucks last winter and was in love. But alas, I gave up caffeine completely during pregnancy. Although most studies show that caffeine intake in moderation is OK, there are others that show that caffeine intake may be related to miscarriages. This mama’s not taking any chances, if she can help it!
6. Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper (from Sonic). There’s just something about drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper over the chipped ice they serve at Sonic. Again, can’t do it because of the caffeine.
7. Sushi. Oh sushi. How I miss sushi date nights with Daniel. Raw sushi may contain bacteria or even parasites that can make you sick during pregnancy.
What about you? Were there any foods or drinks you craved while pregnant that you just couldn’t have? I’d love to hear from you! Leave your comments below!


  1. I missed my Mt. Dew while pregnant and then while nursing also. I also missed sugar, having gestational diabetes there were so many things I could not have, basically, anything that tasted good. =) It was all worth it in the end with healthy babies. Only a few more weeks and you can have some of those things back. You are being a wonderful mommy already.

  2. Not so much stuff during the pregnancy, I gave up caffeine totally in the first trimester then brought it back in moderation afterwards with Zane. It was *after* he was born that I had to give up more...I've never been allergic to any foods, but had a reaction to shrimp when Z was itty bitty, and then in turn, he had a reaction. So no more shrimp, until I'm done nursing, then I'll give it another whirl. He also has a high sensitivity to yeast, forcing me to curb my bread addiction. But, he's worth it I reckon. ;)