Friday, April 8, 2011

Gifts, Ina May, and Unexpected Tidbits

The lady who brings in the mail commented on how popular I am! I don't think that's what it is at all; rather, I think I've been blessed with friends and family who are extremely caring and giving! 

Speaking of... my good friend Robin just sent me a care package -- a kit to make felt cookies for Jenaleigh! The end product will be this:

I'll have to post a picture of one of mine when I finish to see if I can do it as beautifully as Robin! Read more about how to make these super cute cookies here:

I also received a beautiful "basket of sunshine" full of daisies topped off with a Willow Tree Angel from Lisa and Theresa (two fabulous ladies I was privileged to get to know while growing up):

Here's the Sunshine Willow that came with the flowers: 

Add to that the flowers I received last week from my aunt & uncle, the abundance of cards, and the 3 care baskets/boxes --- my room is overflowing with love! Thank you all!

On the pregnancy front today... I reread Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth and my wishes and hopes for a natural childbirth experience were reaffirmed. I was starting to completely give up on them due to this whole hospital experience, but I've been renewed! I believe in my body's ability, and I believe that if the circumstances cooperate, I can do it without medication or other invasive medical procedures. However, I am going to revise my birth plan a little to reflect some considerations due to my Arixtra injections, but I'm still hoping to go 99.99% "natural". But, rest assured, I know plans sometime change (see Suzanne's birth story here).

8 Unexpected Pregnancy Tidbits
(I didn't know about until I became pregnant...)
1. Super Crazy Sense of Smell. For example, the flowers that my mom brought last week... everyone else had stopped detecting their aroma after 30 minutes or so. For me? I was still smelling them for a couple of hours!
2. People Like to Scare You. I don't know how many labor horror stories I've heard. Or how breastfeeding is just impossible. Or how I'll never have another full nights' sleep until I'm 70 years old. You get the picture! There is a very fine line between helpful advice and just wanting to scare the pregnant lady, and I'm thinking some people get their thrill from making us panic! ;-)
3. Cry Baby Cry. The silliest things make me cry. For example, Daniel told me a story about how he went to Disney the summer before he entered fifth grade. That fall when he returned to school he was sharing with the other kids what he did over summer break -- Disney! The other kids started making fun of him, because he was too old to go to Disney World! HOW SAD! Okay, maybe it's not that sad, but it made be bawl like a baby!!
5. Baby kicks can hurt! I love feeling my baby move. Hands down the BEST feeling in the world. However, sometimes it not only startles me but hurts me! That being said, don’t stop a-kickin’, baby!
6. Weird Shaped Belly. Not all women get the cute round basketball belly. I always envisioned my stomach would be enourmous, poking far far out. Well, that’s not really happening with me. Sure, my profile pic on Facebook looks cute, but it was partially the shirt and partially the angle the picture was taken. I do have a much bigger belly than pre-pregnancy, but I didn’t know that it wouldn’t look like all those posterchilds for pregnancy!
7. Breathing & Eating Take Effort. Towards the end, all of your organs are being squished up by the uterus  and it becomes difficult to breath or even eat much.
8. Bashful? Who Me? I'm pretty sure I never would have freely talked about discharge, cervixes, or uteri (is that the plural of uterus?) before pregnancy. Now, I don't even flinch!

Did you learn anything about pregnancy while pregnant that you never knew before? 

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