Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fur Babies

Our "babies" will be dogs soon.

Daniel and I got into a habit of calling our 2 crazy, goofy, teenager dogs "babies". I'm thinking that once Jenaleigh gets here, they will turn into dogs! ;-)

Don't get me wrong. We are NOT the type of people who treat our dogs like people. They stay outside; they eat dog food; they only get bathed when they really really really really need it. But, for the past three years they have been our "children" (hopefully we'll treat our real child a little better than them!)

So, here's a post all about them. Our current children, soon-to-be D.O.G.S.

Ella: We got our black, goofy, adorable lab Ella in 2008 right after we moved to Sweetwater. She was a problem child from the beginning. She loved to bite when she was small! Not cute little puppy bites, but *ouch* bites. In addition to that, she had a problem.

A "pee" problem.

Apparently Ella was born with only one functioning kidney -- the other kidney was there, but it hadn't formed completly. This, along with ureters that are a little "off" causes her to leak. She did undergo surgery as a puppy to try to correct the problem. But, it didn't work. The vet said she could live a perfectly normal life as a leaky dog, so she continues to be just that -- a leaky faucet.

Thankfully, she's grown out of biting. But she still thinks she's a puppy. Even though she's not.


Maggie was a stray, who immediately helped Ella get over her "biting" problem. I think Ella learned what it felt like to be bitten and therefore stopped biting! When we first got her she wouldn't look anyone in the eye; but, love has helped her get over that! Maggie is still somewhat shy, but also hyper and loves to LICK! YUCK!

She's a sweet dog (especially when she's not around Ella). But, you can NOT let this dog lose without a lead. She will put her nose to the ground and go wherever the scent takes her. (This is the opposite of Ella, who may run a little bit ahead, but then turns back to make sure we're still there.)

Together this daring duo are crazy dogs who whine and whimper when the other's not near. They're sisters! They're our "babies"! They're our .... dogs!

Daniel took our fur babies for a stroll and to his amazement, Ella actually played in the water! I know, I know, it may not seem like a big deal for most, but as a puppy she HATED the water -- was TERRIFIED of it. So, this was a great moment for the proud daddy Daniel!

(Viewing Tip: You may want to press "play" then "pause" and then wait a couple of minutes. This will let the video load fully before you start watching it and prevent interruptions!)

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