Saturday, April 16, 2011

High. Risk. Pregnancy.


Those were the words I saw scribbled at the bottom of the billing slip I was to hand the receptionist on the way out of my Midwife's office on Friday. Of course I'm high risk. I was in the hospital for THREE WHOLE weeks! But there was just something about seeing those words in ink that made me do a double take. Oh well, this high risk gal's going to give it her all to make it to term! :-)

Medical Happenings
For those of you who want a medical update on me, here goes! (For the rest who may not care as much for details, scroll on down!) ...

1) Candy (my midwife) wants me to come in for monitoring 2x a week once I hit 36 (next week). She chatted with Dr. P about it, and he said it wasn't necessary; but, we're still going to do it. It makes me happy to know that she's taking a few extra steps to ensure baby's well being!

2) Dr. P told Candy that I was absolutely under no circumstances whatsoever to be allowed to go past my due date. He recommends induction at 39 (if I haven't gone into labor by then); but, Candy and I discussed it and decided that as long as everything is perfect with the monitoring and u/s's then I can wait until my due date for induction (again, if I haven't gone into labor naturally by then).

3) Candy said there was a slight infection detected in my sample and put me on antibiotics right away (as you probably know, infections can increase the risk of pre-term labor significantly).

4) Bedrest: I'm going to be off bedrest starting May 1. Let the countdown begin!
Last night, Amy and Greg came over to provide us with a wonderful meal and wait on me hand and foot! I didn't have to lift a finger! I sat on the couch most of the night while they brought me dessert, drinks, etc. It was wonderful to be able to still be on "bedrest" and able to enjoy some socialization (and yummy yummy food - fettuccine alfredo, salad, bread, and a chocolate cake concoction with caramel, whipped topping, and reece's cups)!

Also, the ladies from church are taking turns bringing food for a little bit, taking a load off of Daniel's shoulders (even though he is an excellent cook). What a blessing to part of such a loving church family at the Hardin church of Christ! Pair the cooking with the cleaning Mom's done for us today ("yay" to clean bathrooms, polished furniture, and an organized bedroom!), means that Daniel and I set for at least the next week!

Finally, I'll leave you with a picture...

Too cute socks (yep, they're socks that look like shoes!!!) that I received in the mail from Aunt N & Uncle T:

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