Saturday, April 30, 2011

Do You Feel Anything NOW?

Daniel drove me CRAZY Thursday morning! (In a completely cute way, of course!)

I was cramping pretty regularly for a couple of hours; they were even being picked up *a little* during my NST. After he started realizing that they were coming every 10 minutes, he started driving me nuts, asking

"Have you felt anything again?"
"Are you feeling anything now?"
"What about now?"

How sweet is that? He was so excited and wanting to be so involved that he pestered me to death!

Yesterday I started feeling some as well. The second he saw it on my face (note to self: "learn to control facial expressions") he started with the question firing squad again. I told him to knock it off and I'd give him a full report after an hour has past.

He made it 20 minutes. :-)

Love ya, Daniel! And I'm so glad you want to be involved in every step!

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