Sunday, April 10, 2011

What Do I Miss? Day 19 of Hospital 'Bedrest'

I saw a status on Facebook this afternoon that put a huge smile on my face... 

It was from a lovely Christian lady who's expecting (due just a week after us). She was on bedrest for quite a bit longer than me (7 weeks) and was given the "all clear" a few days ago to graduate from bedrest. Her status today was about how great it was to be able to attend worship services on a Sunday morning after not being able to for so long! 

How wonderful it must have been for her to be able to physically be in the midst of all the saints that she had missed worshiping with for so long?!

What about you? If you were confined to a bed or to a hospital, what would you miss the most? Me? I miss my wonderful bed at home; but more importantly I miss attending worship services with the Christians that meet at the Hardin church of Christ.  I hope to see you all soon!


I have no developments for you on the pregnancy front today (or for the past few days). Dr. P gets back from his vacation today, so hopefully he won't find any reason to keep me here for longer than Wednesday! Only a few more days!

Tracy, the night nurse just came in. She was here with me on my 3rd and 4th nights in the hospital and witnessed my tears over the pain of the penicillin drip they were giving me (every four hours!) She even slowed the drip down, but it still hurt like nothing else! Thankfully Dr. P gave the go ahead to take out my saline lock on day 4; but, I'll never forget the feeling of those meds making my veins weaker and weaker!

Anyway, when Tracy walked into the room tonight she asked if I remembered her (of course!) and we reminisced about that lovely penicillin. I so appreciate how sweet she was when I was in such pain. I love great nurses! :-)

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