Saturday, April 2, 2011

Antepartum Unit Fun | Day 10 of Hospital 'Bedrest'

Today has been odd. Perhaps it’s the lack of sleep or maybe it’s the headache that seems to continually linger (maybe from too much computer time?). However, I’m sure things will perk up when Mom gets here! She’s bringing me tons of goodies -- cookies and chicken ‘n dumplins from Dad, magazines, books, and girlie soap (I have been using Daniel’s manly soap). I think she’s also going to bring some papers that I can help her grade (don’t ask why, but I LOVE doing this!) I’m definitely glad she’ll be here since Daniel’s headed back to Hardin to preach tomorrow, otherwise leaving me alone! :-(

Jenaleigh seems to have settled back into her routine today; yesterday, however, she was CRAZY! Maybe she was geared up because of all the activity going on in the antepartum unit the past two days. Almost all the rooms are full and there are some very lively patients and families that are making their presence known… My favorite has been the toddler screaming and crying on and off throughout the early evening hours (luckily not late enough to wake anyone trying to sleep)!

Most of the patients here are just staying for a few days before they will be induced or sectioned, but there are two of us right now (that I know of) who are in it for a little longer of a haul (however, I only have a week and half left – time’s just flyin’!). I was talking to Dr. P. about my stay here and he said that many patients who are here for several weeks begin to have anxiety about going home. After all, here in the hospital you know if any little thing goes wrong, you’re only a nurse call button away from relief or help. Having your meals brought to you, sheets changed daily, and fresh water whenever you’d like aren’t bad perks, either!

Even when I do go home I’ll be on bedrest, but at least it will be in MY bed! However, there will also be a temptation to get up and DO things that need to be done. I’ll just have to be disciplined and constantly remind myself, “NO. Lay/sit down. Don’t do it!”

(Coming Soon… Birth Story Mondays… I love reading birth stories on the internet. I think that they are an empowering way to prepare women for their special day, allowing them to peer into a world of ‘what-if’s’ and ‘could happens’ in order to be ready for almost anything! So, this past week, I asked my mommy friends to write up their own unique accounts of labor, delivery, and recovery. I’ve got many waiting ready to be posted – but you’ll have to check back each and every Monday to read a new one!)

OH, one more thing... I didn't forget about my list for today. Instead I made an entirely separate post for it. It's not necessarily a 'fun list', but it will help you understand more about the blood clotting disorder I have, PSD. Go HERE to read about it.

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