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Birth Story Monday . Baby Andrew's Story

(Martha's Notes: I've only known Holly for a few months; but she's already come to my rescue at least twice! First of all, I was quite frantic about switching care providers mid-pregnancy. Before we had even moved to Hardin I posted on FB about how I wasn't having much luck finding a midwife in the Western KY area and sweet Holly messaged me and told me about Candy (one of the few-- if not the only -- midwives allowed to deliver in hospitals in the area). Then I was have difficulties finding a doula and Holly pointed me in the direction of her sister-in-law, Stephanie! Woohoo! Anyway, here Holly shares her fourth kiddo's birth story on Birth Story Monday -- which happens to fall on a Tuesday today ;-) !)

Baby Andrew's Story
By: Holly R.
This is Andrew's story, he was born December 7, 2007. He is my fourth, and Lord willing, final baby. With this pregnancy, and my previous two, I had gestational diabetes(gd). I was blessed to be able to control it with diet only and weekly non-stress tests. Other than the gd I had a normal pregnancy.

Our main concern with Andrew was his size. I have big babies, they get bigger with each one I have. Although I have big babies, I have never had a c-section or an episiotomy. Little did I know though that Andrew would not be big, he would be huge.

My older three children were born in Lexington at Central Baptist Hospital, but this time I used a midwife, Candy. I loved my doctor in Lexington, but Candy being a midwife approached pregnancy not as a medical condition, but a natural process of life. Candy was a wonderful support and advocate for me.  

At 39 weeks Candy ordered an ultrasound to try to get estimate of Andrew's size, as she was very nervous about him fitting through my pelvis. The ultrasound was done and the estimate -- 10 pounds. Candy said the doctor would probably want to do a c-section. Now I know that c-sections are sometimes necessary, but, in my humble opinion, are performed way too often. This was a route Tim, Candy, and I did not want to take, but it was up to Dr. Wynstra and what he felt was safe. In the end Dr. Wynstra said my pelvis had proven itself in my other deliveries and felt it would be ok to let me try a vaginal delivery. It was Wednesday, I was told to come back Friday morning to be induced. My first induction.

I arrived at the birthing center bright and early and got all hooked up and the pitocin was started. On a side note, I think pitocin may possibly be a tool of the devil. Anyway, Candy came in and made me get out of the bed and told me she didn't want to see me in that bed again! I was to be up moving or on the birthing ball. Since I was attached to monitors, moving was a little more difficult. I must say though that I LOVED the birthing ball, it was great.

I labored all day and into the evening. Pitocin contractions are different, they come closer together than regular ones. At about 5:00 I was at a 4 and requested my epidural, sweet sweet relief. I am not ashamed to admit to having epidurals with all four babies, it was a good choice for me. I kept laboring another hour and half and my blood pressure dropped. They started pumping fluids into me and got it brought back up. It was then time to push. 

Candy had me lay on my side and push, but that wasn't really working, so in came the stirrups. This was actually funny, because it took Candy and two nurses to figure out how to put the stirrups on the bed! Candy had also called Dr. Wynstra in, just in case Andrew would't fit and a c-section was needed. I began pushing again, with great encouragement from Candy and Dr. Wynstra. They got the vacuum out and used it to help me, but I really don't think it helped all that much. After much pushing, they were saying look, look here he comes. I looked down and saw my precious boy slide out, face up. The first words I heard are, "We have got to get him on the scale." 

He was huge. Andrew Nicolas weighed 11 lbs 7 oz and was 22 inches long. He was born the size of a three month old. No newborn diapers for him and the little shirts they put on the babies didn't fit him, way too small. The little hat was too small also and wouldn't stay on. He was perfectly healthy and absolutely beautiful.

I was told that he was the biggest baby born vaginally at Jackson Purchase, I hope no poor woman gets to break my record. It was a difficult delivery, but the payoff was amazing. There is nothing in the world like looking into your child's eyes for the first time, even when it is number four, it was amazing each and every time. I thank God for letting me get to experience it.

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