Friday, April 29, 2011

Dear Baby . Weddings

Dear Jenaleigh,

A portrait (by your Mee Mee) of your Aunt
Rachel as a child, trying on your Mee Mee's
wedding dress.
Your daddy and I were on our way to an appointment with our midwife when my mind started to wander into the future ... your wedding day. I said something to your daddy about how someday he'll have to walk you down that aisle and give you away. He gave me a very serious look (and I could almost see a tear starting to form) and told me, "Take that back! Don't say that again!"

You see, your Daddy is already very attached to you (as am I) and it's so difficult to think about that day when you'll leave our family and be joined together with a man to start your own. 

However, we're going to try our best to teach you about God's plan for marriage, about the relationship and roles between husband and wife, and we are regularly in prayer about your future (I even wrote a post for the whole world to see about how I'm praying for your future 'in-laws'.)

So today as the rest of the world is SO excited about the marriage of Prince William and Kate (I'm sure you'll learn more about them when you get here), I'm thinking about you! Kate was a stunning bride and I LOVED her dress. But I know on your wedding day -- perhaps a breezy day in spring or a winter wonderland in December -- you'll be the most beautiful bride ever. My baby, who I haven't even met yet.


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