Wednesday, April 6, 2011

34 Weeks | Day 15 of Hospital 'Bedrest'

Today marks the completion of two full weeks in the hospital - meaning I've only got 7 to go! But, more importantly... I'm 34 weeks today! Woohooo! This is such good news, because babies born between 34-37 usually have no lasting health problems because of pre-term labor and have only a short (if any) stay in the hospital after birth. No, no, I don't think Jenaleigh will be greeting the world anytime before 37 weeks, but it's still great to know she's would be greatly developed and mostly okay if she did arrive this soon!

Ultrasound Day
The first ultrasound I had here at the hospital was technically on a Thursday, meaning 13 days ago. However, I've been pestering Debbie (the U/S tech) enough about doing another measurement check on Jenaleigh that I think she bent the rules and went ahead and did another one today even though they're supposed to wait 14 days between measurements!

So, at first, the student (ultrasound tech in training) did all the measurements. I could tell by looking on the screen that they were on the looooooooooow side (for example, her skull put her in the 1.4 percentile with an EDD of 6/11!). Then Debbie did the measurements. With Debbie's measurements AVERAGED in with the student's, baby's growth was pretty good, and her estimated weight was 4 lbs 11 oz. (a 6 oz gain in 2 weeks).

I left the U/S room feeling a little bummed, because I knew that a 4 oz gain in 6 weeks was not a stellar growth. But, it was growth. I sat down in my room for about .23 milliseconds and Debbie (remember, she's the experienced U/S tech) came in there and told me the following:

"I wanted you to know that I just now took out the student's measurements and looked at only mine (not the average of our combined measurements). So, looking at only the measurements I took, your baby's estimated weight is.....


Seriously? Wow! At 34 weeks gestational age, it looks like our baby is little chubby cutie!

So, in honor of being 34 weeks, I thought I would do a LONG list today (34 items long, to be exact) of random facts about me. So, here goes!

34 Random Facts About this 34 Week Pregnant Lady:
  1. Something I look forward to all year long: POLISHING THE PULPIT. If you've never been, you have no idea what you're missing. The spiritual nourishment and fellowship there is, I'm convinced, as close to heaven as we can get on this earth. Consider adding it to your family's budget and calendar this year.
  2. Favorite Food:  Too many to name; right now I'm craving a sausage calzone with feta cheese
  3. Favorite Candy: Milk Chocolate.
  4. Favorite Movie: Fiddler on the Roof
  5. Favorite Singer: Harry Connick Jr. To say he's my 'favorite' is an understatement. He IS a musical genius!
  6. Favorite Season: Spring. I always get so giddy when the weather starts getting warm!
  7. Favorite Day of the week: The Lord's Day, Sunday!
  8. Favorite Store: H&M and IKEA. Too bad both are located very far away from us!
  9. Favorite Team: THE VOLS (mainly football, but I was into basketball during the Pearl era... I may not be a follower now that he's gone).  I've been going to games for forever, due to a Mom who is equally as loyal to her team.
  10. Favorite thing to do on a rainy morning: Drink hot chocolate and just be still.
  11. Favorite childhood memory: I have many. But, my favorite is of one particular hot day in the summer when I had gone to stay with my Grandparents. My grandfather made me an ice cream float and then told me we were going "Rabbit Hunting", ie. mowing the grass. I hopped on his lap and was on the look out for bunnies as we rode around (mowing) the large field on their property. (And yes, I know it's not safe to have children on your lap while you're mowing). After we had successfully gone on our rabbit hunt (ie. mowed the entire yard), we went to the shed and pulled out some popsicles waiting just for me in the freezer.
  12. I've been to England, Scotland, Costa Rica, Mexico, Kenya, and Africa.
  13. I'm an only child.
  14. I don't want Jenaleigh to be an only child! (It got lonely being one myself, although my parents did a great job of being my playmates.)
  15. I lost 60 pounds in 8th grade. 
  16. I gained the "Freshman" 15 my first year in college.
  17. I gained 45 pounds after we got married. (I blame Daniel's yummy cooking.)
  18. I lost 40 pounds two years ago.
  19. I gained 20 pounds back over last summer's vacation and during various traveling gigs.
  20. I've gained about 20 pounds thus far during pregnancy. (Did you keep track of all that math??)
  21. I struggle with my weight! (In case you couldn't tell from the previous items on this list!)
  22. When I'm wide awake, but trying to go to sleep, I'll make up a crazy story (usually about food coming to life) and tell it to Daniel (it definitely puts him to sleep and makes me drowsy to listen to myself).
  23. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication with a Concentration in Corporate Communication and a double minor in General Business and Public Relations.
  24. I have completed 33 hours towards a Master of Arts in Communication Studies. Yes, that means all of my coursework is finished, with only a thesis waiting to be finished. Someday, maybe.
  25. I can play the piano and clarinet well. Other instruments that I am "passable" at include the alto saxophone and xylophone.
  26. Truthfully, I think my high school was more difficult (academically speaking) than Austin Peay State University was.... That being said, Westview is a GREAT school with wonderful AP classes.
  27. We've toyed with the idea of homeschooling. I won't go into that here and now. But, it may happen.
  28. I discouraged Daniel from starting a wedding photography business. I told him that it would never make it. ( Now, I'm the main owner/operator/editor/photographer!
  29. I got married when I was 18 (1 month shy of 19).
  30. For a very long time, I didn't like children.
  31. The kids at Sweetwater church of Christ helped me get over my dislike of kiddos! Through teaching them and watching their little minds grow with knowledge of the Lord, I came to understand how much of a blessing children are! Love you -- Sara, Ashton, Krista, Landon, and even Drew! :-)
  32. I love being a preacher's wife! It's so much fun to get to know people on a different level and walk with them intimately during their struggles and triumphs.
  33. I'm an Aveda girl (if you don't know what I'm talking about click here), through and through (and I miss Scott, Eric, and Christine at Avail). However, due to finances with a new baby, I'm thinking this is one area where I'll need to sacrifice!
  34. I've been bitten by a snake. (In a controlled setting...)

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  1. You are a wonderful compassionate, intelligent,creative, daughter in law. Best of all you are a wonderful christian example,the best wife for our son and will be a fantastically devoted mom. It has been a privilege to watch you grow and blossom into an even lovelier preacher's wife and mom.