Monday, April 18, 2011

Birth Story Monday . Baby Isaac's Story

(Martha’s Notes: I met Jessica while in college when we both were attending the Pleasant View Church of Christ. We quickly became friends, as did our husbands, and enjoyed talking about clothes, pop culture, and life in general together! Enjoy her story of a relatively uncomplicated labor and delivery!)

Baby Isaac's Story
by Jessica H.
This is my story of how it all went down at the end of my pregnancy with my baby boy, Isaac.
I was originally supposed to be due on October 2, 2009 but my son had other plans. Around the second week of August I started dilating and felt the heaviness on my bladder. Around the last week of August I had managed to get to a "3" and had to leave work early because I had horrible contractions, so I went to the doctor and was placed on a monitor and given an IV to slow them down.

On September 14th I had a busy day with my patients in the dental clinic and went home to lay down. I woke up at midnight with my water breaking in my sleep! It was so weird like someone twisted a lemon in my belly and popped the juice! We were so excited and my husband got upset because I wanted to take a shower and do my hair- my husband is a nurse anesthetist so he takes these things seriously! I sat on towels all the way to the hospital and they got me in a delivery room when all the contractions started like major menstrual cramps gone terribly wrong!

So, the student anesthetist comes in the room and what do you know- he is my husband's classmate! So, he will not touch me out of extreme fear of "messing up", so I had to endure more pain and wait on the licensed anesthetist.

I got my epi and was high on life- pushed my precious little baby boy out and he just looked at me as to say, "So you are the crazy person always talking on the outside!"

About 2 hrs later I was eating lunch and asking all the nurses for hair gel because I left mine at home. My grandmother thought I was doing too much with drying my hair, applying makeup, and obsessing over hair gel to have just delivered a baby.

We left the hospital in 2 days and began our lives as parents.

Four weeks after, I had to return to Baptist Hospital to have my right ovary removed due to a dermoid cyst. It was soo hard to deal with this and take care of my son!

I also went back to work exactly a week after that because I was putting my husband through school- that whole experience put me in postpartum depression. It was all okay once I talked to a therapist and got myself together. I talk about this because I don't want other moms to be ashamed of this disorder. It is normal and it is okay to admit it- especially new moms.

We now live in a new city- Columbus, OH and my son is enjoying his preschool. I love my little family of my husband, son, and me. I will never forget being pregnant with Isaac because I enjoyed every minute of it and I just wanted to embrace every aspect!

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