Monday, April 11, 2011

Hospital Bag List

I feel like we're experts now at the whole hospital stay thing! Now that I know more, I've revised my hospital bag list for the labor/deliver/postpartum stay. Check it out (keep in mind some items are for Daniel's entertainment!):
  • The paperwork: birth plan, ID, insurance card
  • Make-Up & Toiletry Bag 
  • Boppy Pillow (for nursing and for general pillow use)
  • Pillow with Pretty Pillowcase (this will be behind my head in lots of photos, why not make a pretty backdrop?)
  • Daniel's Phone, full of Harry Connick Jr. music
  • Camera with Charger
  • My Phone Charger
  • Pink Fuzzy Footies (thanks Amy!)
  • Lace Maternity/Nursing Robe -- My mom bought this for me while we were in New Orleans, just for this occasion! I had it at the hospital during our current stay, but decided to wait to wear it for the BIG OCCASION! (Mine's like the one here, but blue and brown):
  • Nightgowns, Nursing Tops, and Lounge Pants (-- I really prefer to wear my own clothes, even though I know that soe of them may get ruined. It'll help me feel at ease!)
  • Nursing Pads, Cream, and Bra
  • Kindle & Laptop
  • Going Home Outfit (for me)
  • Going Home Outfit (for baby)
  • Baby Book (to record Jenaleigh's cute little footprints -- thanks Aunt Ann for the baby book!)
  • Carseat (preferably in the car, right?)
  • Diaper Bag
  • Receiving Blankets
  • Clothes & Toiletries for Daniel
Additions to the List Due to This 3 Week Hospital Experience:
  • Ear Plugs & Eye Mask (I'm not sure if I'll be using them when trying to sleep, since I hope to "room-in"; but, maybe Daniel will use them to get a better night's sleep!)
  • Rain Machine (on our alarm clock --- very helpful when trying to block out distracting sounds)
  • Aloe & Soft Linen Body, Room, & Linen Spritz (The Body Shop) -- This has been wonderufl to have during this hospital stay. It makes the room smell like home.)
  • Change for the Vending Machines
  • 2 Bath Towels (The hospital towels are SO scratchy)
  • TOILET PAPER (Seriosly. Hospital. TP. Is. Bad.)
  • Hair Dryer (I was shocked to learn that Norton's Antepartum Unit didn't have a single hair dryer. Daniel had to go buy me one!)
  • Plastic bag for really dirty clothes, another plastic bag for tiny bit dirty clothes

Have I missed anything?


  1. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know little "Martha" details.

    I ADORE Harry, so birthing with you will be extra nice!! :)

    Chapstick . . . don't forget chapstick.

  2. I came across this list a few weeks ago. You'll lover her photography, too!

    Not sure if you're cloth diapering, but she has a helpful guide for that as well.

  3. Hair bands...did you put hairbands...?

    I brought lavender and peppermint essential oils by Young Living for mine. Lavender helps calm and soothe (and is an antibacterial!). Peppermint - a couple of drops in the potty will help you go pee after you have the baby.
    There are more uses, but those are the main ones I used it for (Peppermint is also great for sore muscles and cramping, but consult your doula for when it's appropriate as long as you are still pregnant)