Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Midweek Must-Reads

There were just too many great blog posts in the blogosphere today that I had to share!
  1. "About Couponing" -- A post (by my great friend Robin) with great considerations about couponing. Read it before you start your own couponing adventures!
  2. "H.A.L.T. & C.E.A.S.E." -- A post to help us "fight it out" in our marriages in a pleasing way to God!
  3. "Stuffed Poblano Peppers" -- This has me salivating.
  4. "Women's Wednesday: At Least It's A One-Piece...?" -- Okay, so this is a shameless plug for an article I wrote for my weekly Women's Wednesday over at my husband's blog. Give it a chance!
  5. "That Four Letter Word: PROM" -- This was a late addition to the list, but it's something I feel SO strongly about that I just had to include. A MUST read for parents and teens.
Enjoy your reading!

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