Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Better Think Twice...

I better think twice before I speak... Wasn't it yesterday that I was saying how I actually missed holding her throughout the night? Well, someone must have heard me say that, because Critter was up much of the night. We gave her a suppository before bed, because she was still constipated. I thought that she would sleep soundly after catching some relief, but alas, no, she squirmed and cooed and grunted every time I put her down. She got about 2 hours total of sound sleep, which she's making up for right now on my chest.

Poor Critter. I really want to get this reflux under control. AND FAST!

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  1. My son had GERD. His meds stopped working and the doc wouldn't increae or switch them then we hard about Chiropractic for babies and how it works and how it can work to treat Oliver. I actually incidentally ran into a married Chiropractic husband-wife team when they were pregnant and they just started saying how it would work. I later found out they were chiropractors. Anyway, after two weeks, we had dramatically less laundry to do. After a month my formeraly cranky looking baby (he even looked mad when he was happy) looked and acted happy! He stopped being fussy, he stopped spitting up everywhere. We only had to take him for a few months (would have been less if we started sooner) and then an occational adjustment afterwards when he got realy cranky or spitty. Babies can get misalignments from deliver (esp traumatic or difficult deliveries). I could tell Oliver was in pain by lightly running my finger up his spine. He would start to cry/scream whenever I got to his upper back between his shoulderblades. That is where they said he was off too! It can also help treat constipation (if I remember correctly misalignment of the pelvis and lower back can cause that). Oh, and I did it without talking to our Ped first. She would have told us not to do it (she was the one who said it was just his attitude/personality). Babies can have pain too. Well, if you want to know more, feel free to ask me.