Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dear Baby . Your Daddy

NOTE: I wrote this around 37 weeks of pregnancy. I never posted it, but I think now's the perfect time to do so -- on our 6 year anniversary. 

Dear Jenaleigh,

Your mommy and daddy love each other. We are seriously head over heels. It's important for you to know this, because it's part of God's plan for marriage! We want you to see how great being married can be. We'll try not to be too mushy around you, but expect to see some cuddling, hugging, and a little kissing going on every once in a while!

Do you want to know why I love your daddy? Well, there are lots of reasons, so I thought I'd make one of my famous lists (keep in mind some of these on the list are more important than others!)
  • He makes me laugh. Not just little giggles, but he knows how to get me rolling when he wants to!
  • He can cook. (Two words for you -- Homemade. Pasta.)
  • He puts others before himself. You'll find this one out quickly. When I was in the hospital for 3 weeks he sacrificed so much -- sleeping on a yucky pull out, using scratchy hospital towels (he wanted me to have the good ones he brought from home), eating boring meals, and answering phone call after phone call from people who wanted to know how I was doing (even though after the first day nothing was going on!) Even now that we're at home, he's doing the chores, working full time, cooking when he needs to, and waiting on my every need. 
  • He's a great musician. This is what first attracted me to him! He can sure break out some improv on the trumpet and his sweet voice combined with guitar playing makes me melt! I'm sure he'll sing you tons of lullabies!
  • He is an idea man. He comes up with so many creative ideas! So, when you see that look in his eyes, you better just sit back and listen to the stream of thoughts that are about to come.
  • He feeds the dogs every single day. He's been doing that since we moved here to Hardin. It's not the most fun task to go outside in the morning (especially when it was freezing) and give the dogs food and water, but he does it (without complaining, I might add!)
  • He loves you. You should see his eyes when he starts talking about you! Or that sweet smile of excitement he gets when he puts his hand on my belly and feels you movin' and groovin' in there!
  • He's not afraid of the truth. It can be scary to stand up for what's right and to proclaim God's Word day in and day out. But, your daddy does it!
  • He wants to go to Heaven and wants to take you and me with him.
Those are just a few reasons why I love your Daddy. There are SOOO many more, which in time, you'll come to see and understand. I know you'll love him just as much as I do!


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