Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm Ba-ack!

As I listen to my almost-four month old coo and gurgle (she's supposed to be napping!) I find myself in awe of her new-found independence. For 3.5 months we walked, rocked, a swayed this baby to get her to go to sleep and for some reason, last week, she decided she wanted to fall asleep on her own. We now just lay her down and she goes to sleep (with some paci replugs at times). Of course, there are those moments when she lays there and "talks" when we know it's her nap time. I listen to her over the monitor make the cutest sounds -- we call these her "delirious" sounds. When she gets ultra sleepy, she gets ultra crazy, and ultra adorable.

Who woulda thunk it? In the throws of newborn sleep deprivation I imagined myself holding this child during her sleep until she was 21. But, alas, she's Little Miss Independent! Time goes by so quickly, that's why I'm back to blogging the everyday stuff. So I will remember. Enjoy!

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