Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Four Month Old Bebe!

Dear Jenaleigh.
You are SUCH a big girl right now! Gone are the days where you just slept all day on Mommy's chest. Now you want to see what's going on and more importantly, participate! I'm sad to think that your newborn days are behind you, but so excited to be a part of your life as you grow into your own person. Here's what you think about the world...

- Being worn (in either the Ergo or the fantastic custom sling that Melanie made)
Mommy and Jenaleigh, 4 Months Old!
- Your fist (I wish I could shove my whole fist in my mouth! Well, maybe not...)
- Your elephant "lovie"
- Pulling my hair (OUCH!)
- Baths (you can be in such a foul mood, but the second you plop down in the bathtub, your entire demeanor changes)
- Trying to sit up by yourself
- Going to church and seeing tons of people
- Your paci (yep, you're addicted.)
- The TV (we're really trying not to let you watch it, but when we have it on, you crane your head all the way around to see it!)
- Going out to eat (you usually start "talking" in restaurants)
At your favorite Mexican Restaurant!

- The doggies (they made you giggle!)
- Dr. Foster, your chiropractor (he makes you laugh EVERY time you see him!)
- Talking back to Daddy while he preaches (yes, this is cute, for now!)

- Staying awake for more than 2 hours at a time (if you do, we better watch out -- cranky baby on her way!)
- Being held like a tiny baby
- Having to wait more than a milisecond for your food (when you're hungry, you're hungry!)
- When your paci falls out in the middle of the night

I couldn't think of many other things that you don't like. You are pretty content with life, little girl! I love you so much and am so blessed to be your Mommy!


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