Wednesday, May 4, 2011

38 Week Update.

38 weeks. I've had a lot of conflicting thoughts, feelings, and emotions since Sunday (my first official day off of bed rest since March 24.) Somehow I naively thought that the second I popped up out of bed, labor would begin. After all, I had been in bed for 6 weeks to prevent pre-term labor.

So in my mind, bedrest = no labor and no bedrest = labor ... Wrong.

It's not that I'm "in a hurry". I'm not even crazy uncomfortable. I don't feel like a hippo. I like being pregnant. Really, I do! However, I know that each passing day brings with it the possibility of induction and the impending induction date (side note: I will not be releasing the induction date except to family to avoid a barrage of "countdowns" and added pressure). (If you remember, due to my blood clotting disorder, there's an increased risk for placenta deterioration, which means that going past 40 weeks is apparently a "no-no".) But. medical induction doesn't exactly fit into my wishes for a non-medicated labor and birth. So, we're praying that she'll come on her own before then. But, if not, we're going to make it work! Stephanie (doula) has been instrumental in providing me with natural labor induction tips but has also reminded me that many women have successful inductions and we can do it, too!

Okay, enough induction talk ... on to the 38 week update!

Weight Gain: 24 pounds. When she dropped (yay! for this!) it means she has let my stomach become free from its constricted state that it was in ... perhaps explaining the 2 pound weight gain in one week!

My 'Threads': I got a new maxi-dress from Walmart. Love it! So comfy. I also bought some swimwear in case I want to be modest while in the tub/labor jacuzzi at the hospital. Oh, and my 'gownie' is in (pictured below)! I know some of you will roll your eyes and think that it is stupid to have your own hospital gown that will just get ruined during labor, but I don't. So there. ;-) Plus I got a great deal on one!

Food Cravings: STRAWBERRY CAKE. Last night we walked around Kroger for 15 minutes trying to find strawberry cake (or something similar) that was already made -- ready to consume. Not there. I walked out of the store with M&M cookies which weren't satisfying. Today I decided just to make my own, but couldn't find any strawberry cake mix at Dollar General, so the confetti cupcakes with sprinkles that I just baked will have to do!

Jenaleigh is...: sticking to her schedule of being very active at night.

For the First Time Since March 24th...: Since off of bedrest I've done many wonderful things! I've cleaned the kitchen, baked cupcakes, done laundry, organized a little of the baby's room, been to Walmart, seen a movie in the theater, eaten out several times, enjoyed being at my desk to work instead of trying to use the tiny screen on my laptop .... and more. Before I get the tons of "don't push it" or "take it easy" comments -- I AM! I'm listening to my body and stopping when I'm tired; everything I'm doing has been okay'd by my midwife. Thankfully, I didn't lose much stamina or muscle while on bedrest and have felt absolutely wonderful. It's great to know that I can build up even more stamina before labor and a newborn!

"Stuff" Status: The car seat is still not in the car, but sitting by the door. We still need to hang a curtain in the nursery before I can mark that room as "complete". BUT, our hospital bags are packed.

Exciting News: Don't forget that I've been nominated for the top 25 pregnancy journals along with several journals that I subscribe to! What an honor -- this will help get more readers to my blog which could in turn help me make my blog into a source of income for our little family. What a blessing that would be! Click the image below to vote for me (please) -- you can do so once a day!

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