Friday, May 27, 2011


This morning I was faced with a couple of decisions that needed to be made...

First of all... Do I snuggle with Jenaleigh or put up the laundry and tidy up the house?
Secondly ... Do I pump or take a shower?

What do you think I did?

Well, the first decision was uber easy to make. Jenaleigh was already stripped down to her diaper, so we climbed into bed for some skin-on-skin snuggling. By far it was the best part of the morning.

The next decision was more difficult. I really wanted to take a shower. But, one breast had not been emptied in two feedings, so I was in some discomfort. Pumping won that battle (in fact that's what I'm doing right now)!

Maybe a shower will come later on today when D is home and can snuggle with Critter.

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