Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Diapers MEGA Savings

(Yes, we're using disposable diapers. Please don't stone us.)

I'm sure many of you have watched TLC's "Extreme Couponing" and wonder how you can get all that stuff for FREE! Well, I have to tell you some products probably aren't ever going to come free. Toothpaste, yes. Deodorant, check. Lip balm, sure. But, diapers? Probably not. So, when you need diapers (or are trying to stock up on them when a good deal rolls around) you need to look for a great deal, not necessarily a "free deal".

So, get your math glasses on, and follow my Walgreens trip:

Walgreens has a deal this week if you buy (2) Pampers diaper packs for $9 each, then you get $3 in Register Rewards. But not only that, if you buy $20 total in Pampers products (before coupons are applied), then you get back an additional $5 in Register Rewards! (Which is why I added the wipes into the first transaction). Watch how this works ...

- (2 Packs) Pamper Swaddlers, $9 each
- Pampers Wipes, $2.99
(The above 3 items fulfill the Pampers $5 Reward Criteria and the WAGs $3 Register Rewards)
- Lemon Candy, $.49
- Gummy Bears, $.49
(Those two candy items are considered "filler" items. They must be used here, because I want to use a total of 5 coupons, so I must have at least five items in my transaction.).)

Subtotal (before coupons): $21.97

- (2, one for each pack) $2 off Pampers, Manufacturers Coupon (from a P&G Home Mailer, if you're buying 2 products, you must have 2 of these coupons)
- (2, one for each pack) $2 off Pampers, Walgreens Coupon (found in their "Infant Care Coupon Booklet" -- you can get this at Wag's Beauty counters)
(*Note: Yes, you can use a Manufacturer's coupon AND a store coupon together on the same product. This is where mega savings occur.)
- (1) $.50 off Pampers Wipes, Manufacturers Coupon (P&G Home Mailer)

****Total Due, Transaction 1 (after coupons): $13.47
Pampers Rewards (can be used on more pampers): $5
WAGs Register Rewards (cannot be used on pampers deal): $3

So, in transaction #1, I spent $13.47, but came away with $8 more that I can use on other products! (Which I used part of in transaction #2...)

-(1) Pamper Swaddlers, $9

Subtotal (before rewards and Q's): $9

-$2 off Pampers Wags Coupon
-$5 Rewards that printed from Transaction #1
(If you wanted an even better savings, you could have used another Man. coupon, but keep in mind you would have had to add a filler item.)

****Total, Transaction 2 (after coupons and rewards): $2
Rewards Leftover to Use Next Week (from Tran. 1): $3

If you're doing the math, I spent $15.47 out of pocket (for 3 packs of diapers, 2 bags of candy, and 1 box of wipes) and left with $3 that I can use again whenever I want to! All for products that, before sales and coupons, would have cost me $30.97. Is that as exciting as FREE? Of course not, but when you actually NEED the products you're buying (unlike many of those "extreme couponers"), saving 50% is very useful! Imagine if you saved 50% on all your household items and groceries!
Email me or leave a comment here if you have any questions! Sorry if this was as "clear as mud"; hopefully it will be helpful to someone. If you'd like to delve further into couponing, check out www.southernsavers.com for more coupon matchups!

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