Friday, May 27, 2011

Subject Matter.

I'm friends with all types of people. Because of the diverse group, I know that some will find the subject matter that will be discussed frequently on this blog to be "offensive". That subject ... breastfeeding. When you think about the beauty of the plan God put into place for feeding our babies, it should amaze you!  Nursing is even discussed in the Bible! But, some consider it a taboo thing to discuss. However,  I say it needs to be discussed. It needs to be chronicled. Breastfeeding moms need support and to read about struggles and victories from other bf'ing moms.

But, I still respect your views if you think it's something that should be done but not talked about. So, consider this your warning. If you're offended by the thought of breastfeeding or would rather not read about it, you may have to stop frequenting this blog. I am a breastfeeding mama, and I'm sure it will be a topic of many a post from here on out.

I'll still post on other topics as well, so don't fret! In fact, I'll leave you with a non breastfeeding related thought:

My daughter is seriously the cutest ever!

We just had to dress up to go see
Daddy at work on Wednesday!

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  1. Way to go mama! I wish breastfeeding weren't such a "hot topic", as you are right, we need to support one another!!